Airfare to Durango, Mexico

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Durango is an extremely small state in Mexico. It is the second lowest populated city in the country. As a result of such a low population density, there are a very limited number of airlines flying to the Guadalupe Victoria Airport. The main airport which services Durango, Mexico is the Guadalupe Victoria Airport.

Flying to Durango

At the time of the writing, there are only four airlines that fly to the Durango airport in Mexico. These four airlines include; Aeromexico, Copa, Continental Airlines, and Northwest Airlines.

Flights to nearby airports

If you are flying into the Durango airport, but need to make your way to another airport that is closer to your final destination, you can try some of the nearby airports listed below. These nearby airports include Torreon, Mazatlan, Zacatecas, Tepic, and Culiacan.

Saving Money on your flight to Durango

Since there are only a limited number of airlines flying into Durango, you may have a hard time finding a huge price break between the servicing airlines. Your best bet to a good deal is to follow the basic rule of travel. Avoid weekend and holiday travel if you can. For best rates, try searching mid day flights.

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