Airfare to Guaymas, Mexico

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If you are planning on visiting the coastal city of Guaymas in Mexico, you will probably be landing at the General José María Yáñez International Airport. The airport in Guaymas is extremely small, so the odds of flying directly to Guaymas are very small unless you are flying within the country.

Flying to Guaymas

Because of the small size of the airport in Guaymas, there are only two major airlines that fly here. These servicing airlines are Aeromexico and US Airways.

Flights to nearby airports

The Guaymas airport is mostly a hub airport to and from other areas around the country. The closest and most popular nearby cities in the area include Alamos, Ciudad Obregon, Hermosillo, and San Carlos.

Saving Money on your flight to Guaymas

There is no real easy way to save money when looking for flights to Guaymas. The airport is so small that the amount of flights in and out of the airport is limited. This means that the number of flight options is also limited, resulting in little to no price break between servicing airlines.

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