Airfare to Corrientes, Argentina

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Corrientes is located on the eastern shore of the Paraná River, in Argentina. It lies about 1000 km from Buenos Aires and 300 km from Posadas. It’s the most important city in the province of Corrientes and offers a mix of colonial and modern architecture. There are some churches to visit and it is the home to one of the most important carnival celebrations in the country.

The weather is pleasant year-round, with daytime annual average temperature reaching 20C. Some days might be scorching hot, with temperatures of 33C.

The city is served by Corrientes International Airport (CNQ) and is served by Aerolíneas Argentinas which connects it to Buenos Aires. Resistencia Airport is also located really close and many choose to fly into one of them and out of the other.

The flight from Buenos Aires is affordable ($255 round trip) and this is the easiest way to reach the city. Those flying from abroad can easily book the entire trip online.

If you fly from the US (i.e. New York) you have quite a lot of choices when it comes to airlines flying into Buenos Aires: Copa Airlines, Taca Intl Air, LAN Argentina and American Airlines; while if you fly from Europe (i.e. London) you are limited to Iberia.

To save some money, it pays to do a little research. For example, if you choose to fly out of Los Angeles (LAX) you’ll pay less ($897 on Copa Airlines, Taca Intl Air, Delta or United) than if you were to fly from New York ($966 on Copa Airlines).

Also, try to avoid the peak travel season and the weekends. Make sure to book your flight in advance and use the miles saved if possible.

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