Airfare to Esquel, Argentina

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Esquel is a town in Argentine Patagonia. It is located by the Esquel Stream and is surrounded by mountains. La Hoya is a very popular ski resort located near-by and the ski season extends well into spring. And Los Alerces National Park is located close to the city, offering a lot of interesting places to see and things to do.

Another important tourist attraction in the city is the narrow-gauge train, known as the he Old Patagonian Express. It is the longest narrow-gauge train in operation and the southernmost railway in the world. The trains run between Esquel and Nahuel Pan and are used for tourism purposes only.

The city is served by an airport which receives flights from Buenos Aires and Comodoro Rivadavia. The airlines operating here are LADE and Aerolíneas Argentinas.

The flight from Buenos Aires takes little over 2½ hours. It’s not very expensive ($432 round trip). It is easy to use the route via Buenos Aires to get to Esquel, especially if you fly from abroad.

If you fly from the US it’s cheaper to choose to fly from Los Angeles ($897 round trip on Continental, Taca Intl Air¸ Delta, or United) rather than from New York ($966 round trip on Copa Airlines) into Buenos Aires. If you need to fly out of Europe, flying out of London ($888 on multiple airlines) is cheaper than flying out of Madrid ($1115 round trip on Aerolineas Argentinas).

In order to save money, make sure to book your flight ahead of time. Avoid flying during the peak travel season and also try to avoid the weekends.

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