Airfare to Falkland Islands, Argentina

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The Falkland Islands comprise two large islands and several hundred smaller islands, located in the south Atlantic Ocean. They are actually United Kingdom overseas territory but Argentina (located near-by) claims jurisdiction.

Most travelers arrive here between October and March to enjoy the spectacular wildlife and laid-back lifestyle. Tourism is encouraged and the number of visitors has risen sharply during the last few years. However, most of them come from visiting cruise lines. The main reasons to visit the islands are the flora and fauna. You can see beautiful and rare birds and marine species here.

The only civilian airport on the islands is Port Stanley Airport (PSY) located two miles outside the capital city, Port Stanley. It is only used for internal flights within the islands. The airline offering the connections is Falkland Islands Government Air Service (FIGAS).

To get to the islands from abroad you need to use Mount Pleasant (MPN) airport (which is also a military base). The only international carrier flying here is LAN Chile and there are flights from Santiago de Chile and Rio Gallegos. UK Air Force also carries passengers directly from the UK.

Regardless of where you fly from it’s impossible to book flights online. The only alternative is to check with your travel agent and look for the charter flights into the islands.

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