Airfare to Santa Fe, Argentina

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Santa Fe is located in northeastern Argentina near the junction of the Paraná and Salado rivers. It lies exactly opposite Parana city to which is linked by the Hernandarias Subfluvial Tunnel. It is also linked by a canal with the port of Colastiné on the Paraná River. The largest city in the region is Rosario, to which Santa Fe is linked by a highway.

The city has a humid subtropical climate with mild winters (generally) and hot summers. Summer is the wettest season and temperatures can easily reach 35C.

The city offers a rich cultural life, an exciting nightlife and a lot of things to do. Hunting fishing, walking by the river, day trips outside the city and a lot of sports which can be practiced on the river surely keeps the travelers engaged. And there’s a also a zoo to visit.

The city is served by an airport which receives flights operated by Aerolíneas Argentinas. The flight from Buenos Aires takes only 1 hour and is very affordable ($150 round trip).

Alternative airports include Parana and Rosario. It is cheaper to fly into Rosario than into Santa Fe and once you get to Rosario there are buses to take you to Santa Fe.

If you fly from the US, it’s cheaper to choose LAX as your departure airport than New York. There are quite a lot of airlines you can choose from Continental, Taca Intl Air¸ Delta, or United and all offer good rates ($897 round trip). If you fly out of Europe, choose London as your departure airport.

In order to save some money, book your flight in advance and avoid flying during the peak travel months. Also, keep your eyes on the airlines’ special deals and plan your vacation around their lowest airfare.

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