Airfare to Corumba, Brazil

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Corumba is a small city located in south west side of Brazil which, close to the Bolivian border. It is located close to the Paraguay border as well. The city is a gateway into the famous Pantanal region and is popular for the well-preserved historic buildings of European influence, interesting customs and traditions. Day tours are a good idea to see the most interesting parts of the city.

Corumba is served by an airport which receives daily flights from various Brazilian cities. The flights from Brasilia, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro arrive via Campo Grande. The only airline serving the airport is TAM Linhas Aereas.

Across the border, the Bolivian town Puerto Suarez also has an airport. However, it offers limited connections so it’s not exactly the best choice.

You can fly into one of the large Brazilian cities – Brasilia, Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro – and then fly into Corumba. The airfare is similar and you’ll be making at two stops along the way but you’ll be flying on the same airline. Overall, though, the flight into Corumba will prove to be quite pricy. To lower the cost, make sure to book your ticket in advance and avoid flying during the weekends.

To save money, make sure to book your flight in advance and avoid flying during the weekends. Also, you should stay away from traveling during major Catholic holidays.

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