Airfare to Natal, Brazil

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Natal is a Brazilian city located on the Atlantic coast, famous for its beaches. Settled in the 1500s, the city hasn’t seen the economic boom as other state capitals. But nowadays it’s becoming more popular among both local and international tourists.

The region is served by an airport located about 20 km from the city center. It receives direct flights from many Brazilian large cities, including São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Fortaleza, Salvador, Belo Horizonte and Brasilia. The fares for flight into Natal from Brasilia and Sao Paulo are comparable.

The majority of travelers fly either into Brasilia or Sao Paulo and then take a domestic flight into Natal. However, if you fly from Europe, please note that TAP offers direct flights from Lisbon. There aren’t any other direct flights from Europe, but if you fly from Amsterdam on Condor, the airfare starts at €922 (round trip). If you need to fly from another European capital, the fare is slightly higher.

In order to save some money on airfare, make sure to book the tickets in advance (up to 8 weeks before departure) and avoid flying over the weekends and during holidays.

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