Airfare to Sao Luis, Brazil

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Sao Luís is located on the island with the same name, which stands in the São Marcos Bay. The city was founded by the French in 1612 and has also been occupied by the Dutch. However, it retains a strong Portuguese colonial style and its historic center has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The city is divided into two regions by a small river: São Luís proper – which comprises the Old Town, city center and some suburbs – and São Francisco – which comprises a newer commercial district and the urban beaches. A lot of restaurant and bars are located on the beaches and close to them.

The city is served by an airport located about 13 km from the city center. It receives domestic flights offered by Gol, TAM, Oceanair, TAF and Litorânea.

Brasilia is located about 2100 km from Sao Luís and the majority of travelers make their first stop in the capital before hading here. Round trip flights from Brasilia to Sao Luis start at little over $200 (on TAM Linhas Aereas), which makes the flight really affordable. It’s not very expensive to fly from Sao Paulo into Sao Luís either (round trip airfare starts at $250).

When it comes to the flight into Brazil, the fares are compared whether you fly into Brasilia or Sao Paulo (if you fly from New York). Round trip rates start at $858 and you can choose among several airlines, but the cheapest are TAM and Copa Airlines.

In order to save some money, make sure to book your flight in advance (2 to 8 weeks before departure) and avoid flying during the weekends.

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