Airfare to Vitoria Da Conquista, Brazil

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Lowest Daily Fares From the US to Salvador     (Updated 10 Dec 2015)
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New York to Salvador - $592
Los Angeles to Salvador - $616
Miami to Salvador - $686
Fort Lauderdale to Salvador - $699
San Francisco to Salvador - $1069

Vitoria Da Conquista is the third largest city in the Brazilian state of Bahia. It is the regional centers for other smaller towns surrounding it and, together with them, form the basis of a traditional coffee-producing region.

If you plan to visit the city, avoid the period between October and March when it tends to rain heavily. But the year-round temperatures range between 18C in July and 22C in March, making it a nice destination regardless of the time you plan to visit the area.

The city is served by an airport, which receives flights offered by TRIP and TAM Linhas Aeras. The airport receives flights form the three major Brazilian cities – Brasilia, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro – but none are direct flights. There are, however, direct flights from Salvador.

The airfare from the three major Brazilian cities into Vitoria Da Conquista is quite expensive but it doesn’t vary that much from one city to another. You’ll be making fewer stops if you fly via Sao Paulo though.

When you book your flight and want to save money, make sure to consider all possible routes and choose the cheapest alternative. Also, plan to fly midweek and avoid the high tourist season.

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