Airfare to Barranquilla, Colombia

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Barranquilla is a colorful port by the Caribbean Sea, in Colombia. Having been the setting for many a suspense novels, the port has that kind of an attitude to appeal to many types of travelers. It has a lively nightlife to appeal for those who want to have fun and romantic plazas for those wanting to spend the time in the city. It is the cradle of the Colombian aviation, having the first airport in South America, and is very popular for its carnival.

The city is served by an airport which receives both international and domestic flight. The domestic flights are mostly offered by Avianca. Delta operates flights from London via the United States and Avianca operates flights from New York via Bogota.

It is a good idea to fly into Bogota (Colombia) and then take a domestic flight into Barranquilla. Alternatively, you can also fly into Miami (Florida, USA) and then connect to the Colombian city on a Delta flight.

Don’t be shy to look for all possible flights to Barranquilla, regardless of the number of stops along the way. Although you’d be losing some time in airports, you’ll end up saving quite a lot of money on connecting flights. Fly mid-week as opposed to during the weekend and try to avoid the peak travel season if you plan to save some additional money.

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