Airfare to San Cristobal, Ecuador

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San Cristobal is the eastern most island of the Galapagos archipelago. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is the main town and where most of the tourist facilities are located. There are also sites in the town which can be visited without a guide – such as a fresh water lake, a beach or a beautiful hill with trails which lead to a stunning viewing point. Other sites can only be accessed by boat and guide.

TAME offers two flights weekly into San Cristóbal from Guayaquil. Icaro just started flights into the islands as well and EMETEBE offers flights into Isla Baltra airport if there is enough demand.

Regardless of where you fly from, you need to make a stop in Guayaquil to take a local flight into the island. There are direct flights from several American cities into Guayaquil though so there isn’t much of a hassle to get here. However, it’s not a cheap vacation and to same some money all you can do is fly during the low season (May to September).

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