Airfare to Arequipa, Peru

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Located in the Southern Coastal region of Peru, Arequipa is surrounded by three impressive volcanoes. It is Peru’s second most important city. Part of the “Southern Peru Tourist Corridor” (which also comprises Naza, Cusco and Puno), Arequipa is the country’s second most popular tourist destination.

The city is famous for the examples of Spanish colonial architecture which can be found throughout the center of the city. In contrast to the other three cities which make up the corridor, Arequipa doesn’t have any Inca artifacts or ruins.

The easiest way to get to the city is by plane. Arequipa is served by an airport, located 8 km from the city. There are connections from Lima, Juliaca and Cuzco on the following airlines: LAN, Aerocondor and Star Peru. It is slightly cheaper to fly from Lima to Arequipa than from the other two cities (but the difference is less than $50 per round trip flight).

If you don’t mind spending time in airports waiting for connecting flights, then you’ll save a lot of money choosing the cheapest possible route. With popular volcanoes near-by which can be tackled year-round, Arequipa is a travel destination which does get a lot of visitors and there aren’t many things you can do to save money. Try to fly mid-week and you’ll be able to save some money if you fly between January and March (when the weather can be rainy or snowy so those planning to climb the volcanoes avoid flying here).

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