Airfare to Ayacucho, Peru

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Ayacucho is a small colonial city in Peru. It is famous for its 33 churches, each one representing a year in Jesus’ life. Especially during the Holy Week, Ayacucho is home to large religious celebrations.

Having a mild climate and being located in a sunny valley, Ayacucho is located close to the Huari/Wari is the oldest urban center in the Andes. Aside from this day trip, you can also La Quinua, filled with old buildings.

The city’s airport is small and receives flights from Lima. The airlines offering the flights are LC Busre (daily) and Aerocondor (Friday & Sunday). If you fly from the United States, it’s easy to get to Lima although you will be making a stop along the way. The companies offering links between the United States and Lima are Copa Airlines, American Airlines, Continental and LAN Airlines.

The cheapest option from the US (New York) to Lima is on a Copa Airlines flight but there are slightly more expensive direct flights on LAN Airlines. If you don’t mind spending time in airports waiting for connecting flights, than you can save some money choosing such flights. Since the weather is mild in Ayacucho all the time, it doesn’t matter much when you travel but do avoid the Christian Holidays (especially Easter) if you want to save money.

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