Airfare to Juliaca, Peru

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Juliaca is located in Puno Region, Peru, 3825 meters above sea level near Lake Titicaca. Close to the city you can find the ruins of Sillustani, a pre-Incan burial ground.

The city is served by the department’s main airport, Inca Manco Capac International Airport. It receives direct flights from Lima, offered by LAN Peru and is also served by flights from several other smaller cities (Cusco).

Because of the monopoly, the flights from Lima to Juliaca aren’t cheap at all and there aren’t ways to save on them either (unless you ditch flying altogether and choose to travel by bus from the capital to Juliaca). Alternately you can fly into Cusco and then to Juliaca (although the fares are just as high as if you were flying from Lima).

You can save money on the flight to Lima though. Since this is the recommended first stop in Peru, you can plan your flight when the fares to Lima are at their lowest. Avoid flying during the weekend and during the peak season (summer). If you fly from the States there are several airlines which offer good rates on flights to Lima, including Copa Airlines and Delta; and if you fly from Europe, you’ll find Air Europa flights to be the cheapest.

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