Airfare to Tarapoto, Peru

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Also known as The Palm Tree City or the “City of Palms”, Tarapoto is a thriving commercial city in northern Peru, just about an hour away by plane from Lima. It is a common base for tourists looking to explore the Amazon Rainforest.

The city is served by the third largest airport in Peru. It receives daily flights from Lima. LAN Peru and Star Peru are the two airlines which offer direct flights from the capital to Tarapoto.

Thanks to the limited number of airlines serving the city, the fares for flights from the capital are high. And if you want to book the flight online you’ll have the surprise to find only LAN Peru listed by booking engines.

In order to save money, the only way to do it is by carefully choosing the flight to Lima, as that’s your first stop regardless of where you fly from. If you fly from the States, there are several airlines which offer excellent fares to Lima, including: Copa Airlines, Taca Intl Air, Continental and Delta. While if you fly from Europe, Air Europa, Continental and Iberia are the best and cheapest choices.

Avoid flying during the weekends and during the peak travel season (summer). If you don’t mind spending time in airports, sometimes it is cheaper to book connecting flights rather than a direct flight.

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