Airfare to Trujillo, Peru

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Trujillo is a city in Northwestern Peru, very close to the Pacific Coast. A city with a very old history, Trujillo is also popular for the seafood, beaches and resorts. It is also a popular surfing destination. The colonial city center is picturesque and deserves your attention for a day. Close to the city there ruins of an ancient Chimor mud city.

The city is served by an airport and a seaport. There are daily connections from Lima, Chiclayo and Cajamarca. Three airlines –LAN Peru, Star Peru and WayraPeru – offer non-stop flights from the capital city of Lima.

Regardless of where you fly from, your first stop should be Lima. If you book online, you’ll have the surprise to find only LAN Peru flights available for booking and the rates aren’t exactly cheap. You can book the first leg of the flight – to Lima – online and then relay on a local travel agent to book the last leg of the flight.

If you fly from the United States, there are quite a lot of airlines serving Lima, such as American Airlines, Copa Airlines, Taca Intl Air and Delta. Don’t be surprised to learn that the flight from New York to Lima (round trip) costs about $150 more than the flight from Lima to Trujillo (round trip). If you fly from Europe (UK to be precise), there are also quite a lot of airlines to choose for your flight to Lima, including: Air Europa, Continental and Iberia.

To save some money on your flight, make sure to avoid the peak travel season (summer) and you shouldn’t plan to fly during the weekend. If you don’t mind waiting in airports, choosing a connecting flight is something cheaper than a direct flight.

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