Airfare to Merida, Venezuela

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Merida is the center of outdoor activities in Venezuela, located at the foot of the Andes, just 15 km from the highest point in the country. The city is very affordable and terms of accommodation and living. It is very popular among budget travelers and offers a very colorful nightlife. The popular things to do are related to nature and the most popular activity is taking the Teleférico which leads to Pico Espejo.

There are two ways to get to Merida: by plane or by road. The city is served by two airports, and you need to fly into Caracas first. Caracas is served by airlines offering flights from all over the world, so it won’t be a problem finding a way to fly here. Once in Caracas, you can take a domestic flight into Merida or take one of the buses.

Some of the airlines flying into Caracas include: Air France, Aviance Aerovias, Caribbean Airlines, Mexicana, Alitalia, American Airlines, Continental, Delta, Iberia and Lufthansa. There are direct (and indirect flights) available from Europe and Northern America.

In order to save some money on flights, you should plan to visit Merida during the rainy season (May to October). Make sure to fly mid-week. Because of the schedule you might end up having to spend a night in Caracas.

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