Airfare from Seattle, Washington, USA

Include Hotels for the Best Deals

Cheap Travel Advice: Tickets not as cheap as you want? Airfare from Seattle will be the cheapest on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday. Mondays are popular with business travellers and weekends are key dates for holidaymakers wanting the longest trips possible – avoid these dates.

Also consider flights into cities near your destination. To get between the cities, you can grab a spot on a train, bus or flight. Look for cheap flights on no frills airlines. Although it will take longer to reach your destination, a bus or train could save you enough cash to make it worth your while.

For more information on planning a trip starting in Seattle, visit Getting From Seattle.

Another possible money-saving tip is to look for flights that go through a major gateway city instead of flying direct. Because there are more flights – and competition – from these cities on low budget airlines, you can save some cash over flying non-stop to your destination. It is very common to layover in one of these main cities.

The most expensive air tickets from Seattle are found during peak holiday travel times, such as the New Year. Also be aware of events or festivals, which can cause limited availability and ticket prices to rise.

Finally, consider traveling on a lesser-known carrier instead of the national airlines.

When booking your ticket, also consider how to get to the airport. If you plan on driving, you can reserve your spot at an Seattle airport parking lot before you get there and get a guaranteed spot while saving money!

Planning a long drive to or from the airport, or an odd-hours flight? Check out Seattle Park-Sleep-Fly, where you can book a hotel room and parking together for one low price.

AT&T provides wi-fi access inside the terminals at SEA. SeaTac has a permanent and rotating list of art exhibits. Services include a nail spa and massage bar. Top stops are the Made in Washington store and the ubiquitous hometown brand, Starbucks.

Seattle has been responsible for many internationally recognizeable exports from the 90’s – grunge music from bands like Pearl Jam & Nirvana, coffee culture from Starbucks, and influence in how we use computers from Microsoft. What will be the next big thing out of the Emerald City? Look for Seattle, WA Homes For Sale and be right in the middle of it when it happens.

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