Updated 2016

The multi-ethnic country of Georgia has soaring mountains and one of the oldest civilizations in the Caucuses behind it. If only it could sort out the violence.

Georgia is currently splitting into different regions and factions within the Georgian territory. While travel is still possible, extreme precaution and vigilance is recommended.

What to do

Nearly all of Georgia is located on the side of a mountain, so mountain climbing and sojourns through the countryside are very common and popular. David Gareji is a famous cave turned into a monastery which looks down onto the Azerbaijani desert. David Gareji is nice, but it can't compare with the view from Mount Kazbeg, the tallest mountain with the highest monastery in Georgia.

Cave cities are common in the Caucus mountains and the ancient natural architecture is well traveled by tourists today. Check out Uplistsikhe for the most famous cave city in Georgia.

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Getting there

Citizens of many western countries do not need visas to enter Georgia and travelers arriving in the country without the necessary forms can often get them filled in the airport.

Flights to Georgia originate from all over Europe, although all travel from Russia to Georgia is now suspended over the political conflict there.

Where to stay

A few western style hotels have sprung up in Tbilisi, but throughout most of the country the outdated Soviet block buildings are still the norm. Hotels are failing and the best places to find lodging during your stay are guest houses and spare rooms in locals' homes.