Country: Iran

Population: 65,397,521

Capital: Tehran

Time Zone: UTC+3.5

Currency Name: Iranian rial (IRR)

Government Type: theocratic republic

Languages: Persian and Persian dialects 58%, Turkic and Turkic dialects 26%, Kurdish 9%, Luri 2%, Balochi 1%, Arabic 1%, Turkish 1%, other 2%

Ethnic Breakdown: Persian 51%, Azeri 24%, Gilaki and Mazandarani 8%, Kurd 7%, Arab 3%, Lur 2%, Baloch 2%, Turkmen 2%, other 1%

Religion: Muslim 98% (Shi'a 89%, Sunni 9%), other (includes Zoroastrian, Jewish, Christian, and Baha'i) 2%

Major Cities: Tehran, Mashhad, Esfahan, Tabriz, and Shiraz,

Phone Country Code: 98

Health Concerns:

Official Tourism Website:

High Travel Season: June - August

Voltage: 230 V - 50 Hz

Electrical Plug Type: c

Major Holidays:

Misc Fact / Good to Know: Girls and boys are educated separately until the university level. In addition, girls typically have only female teachers, and boys typically have only male teachers.