Updated 2016

Kuwait is a tiny, oil-rich nation with a lot of luxury to offer a traveler curious about the Middle East but not willing to forego their cashmere bathrobe for the trip. Kuwait City is not all opulence however. Towering buildings look down on the city, but there are still beautiful mosques and the remnants of a culture defined by elegant desert ingenuity and adaptation, rather than the drilling of black gold.

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What to do

Kuwait is a Muslim nation and the customs of the locals can be the most interesting aspect of your trip to Kuwait. Alcohol is illegal and forbidden and certain attractions make special accommodations for the separation of the sexes that must occur in Muslim culture. If anthropological curiosity doesn't compel you to book your trip, Kuwait City recently aded high class spas and a new, 100,000 square foot shopping complex to the city's resume.

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Getting there

Kuwait has flights from both Washington D.C. and London as well as destinations around Asia. Travelers from America and most of Europe can get entrance visas at the airport.

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Where to stay

Kuwait's affluence has forced the price of a hotel through the roof. Large resorts or four and five star hotels are the standard in the city and luxury is stretched to its limit as spas compete for the business of locals and travelers.