Updated 2016

Like most of the well-to-do countries in the Middle East, the peninsular nation of Qatar has vast oil reserves, huge luxurious hotels, and very deep pockets. Unlike the rest of the Middle East however, Qatar does not have strained relations with neighboring countries nor is it in the midst of a holy war.

Qatar is one of the safest, most prosperous nations in the Middle East. In fact, the country is doing so well they are having trouble finding people to do labor jobs. Travelers should be wary of any offers of employment.

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What to do

Qatar has only been open to tourists for two decades and the country is still getting used to tourists. Attractions are mostly the kind you'd find in a resort town or a cruise ship. Spa treatments, massages, and lounging by the pool are in store if you're in Qatar, or you can go to the other extreme and venture into the desert and work on surviving.

Camping and playing in the desert is popular with many tourists and the dunes provide a type of playground for racing motorcycles and dune buggies.

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Getting there

Qatar is relatively liberal with their visas, giving them out to most nations and allowing you to purchase them on arrival. Flights to Qatar arrive at the airport in Doha, the capital.

Where to stay

Now that the world has discovered Qatar and Qatar has discovered that they can get rich selling their oil to the world, hotel prices have skyrocketed. Five star resorts outnumber budget hotels and youth hostels are having a tough time remaining open. Finding lodging at a budget may be your biggest challenge in Qatar.