On a Trip Right Now?

All the planning is over and you’re actually doing what you’ve been dreaming about. Quite often, though, what you actually end up doing is not what you had planned – and that can be the best part of all. BootsnAll.com has some useful ways to keep in touch with friends and other travellers while you’re on the road.

Book the Next Phase
One of the benefits of independent travel is not having to plan out every detail of your trip. This opens you up to experiences you could not have anticipated. It also means you find yourself making reservations or booking flights while you’re on the road. BootsnAll can help. Book a hostel or find a cheap flight no matter where you are.

Discussion Boards
Have a question while you’re on the road? Found out a great tip for travellers? Why not post on the message boards? It’s a great way to be in touch with other travellers without spending all day in an internet cafe.

BootsnAll Members Around the World
Getting in contact with a BootsnAll member in a new city is a great way to get the best out of your time there. A local can show you the areas that guidebooks and tour companies just don’t have time to. Fellow travellers are usually more open to having someone crash on their floor for a night, so what better way to find out than asking a fellow BootsnAll member. Become a BootsnAll Member

BootsnAll TravelBlogs
Seems like everyone these days has a blog. And it’s a great way to document your trip, share photos and let everyone back home how you’re doing (or make them so jealous). BootsnAll offers free travelblogs and you can be set up and blogging away within minutes. Get started here.

photo by nealeanddalissa