TahitiCountry: French Polynesia

Population: 278,963

Capital: Papeet

Time Zone: UTC-10

Currency Name: Comptoirs Francais du Pacifique franc (XPF)

Government Type: N/A part of France

Languages: French 61.1% (official), Polynesian 31.4% (official), Asian languages 1.2%, other 0.3%, unspecified 6%

Ethnic Breakdown: Polynesian 78%, Chinese 12%, local French 6%, metropolitan French 4%

Religion: Protestant 54%, Roman Catholic 30%, other 10%, no religion 6%

Major Cities: Bora Bora

Phone Country Code: 689

Health Concerns:

Official Tourism Website:

High Travel Season: Christmas, July and August

Voltage: 110/220 V - 60 Hz

Electrical Plug Type: a, b, e

Major Holidays:

Misc Fact / Good to Know: French Polynesia is made up of 100 islands over five archipelagos.