Country: Guam

Population: 173,456

Capital: Hagatna

Time Zone: UTC+10

Currency Name: US dollar (USD)

Government Type: N/A (territory of the United States)

Languages: English 38.3%, Chamorro 22.2%, Philippine languages 22.2%, other Pacific island languages 6.8%, Asian languages 7%, other languages 3.5%

Ethnic Breakdown: Chamorro 37.1%, Filipino 26.3%, other Pacific islander 11.3%, white 6.9%, other Asian 6.3%, other ethnic origin or race 2.3%, mixed 9.8%

Religion: Roman Catholic 85%, other 15%

Major Cities: Hagatna

Phone Country Code: 1-671

Health Concerns:

Official Tourism Website:

High Travel Season: Christmas/New Year

Voltage: 110 V - 60 Hz

Electrical Plug Type: a, b

Major Holidays:

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