Country: Northern Mariana Islands

Population: 84,546

Capital: Saipan

Time Zone: UTC+10

Currency Name: US dollar (USD)

Government Type: Commonwealth; self-governing with locally elected governor, lieutenant governor, and legislature

Languages: Philippine languages 24.4%, Chinese 23.4%, Chamorro 22.4%, English 10.8%, other Pacific island languages 9.5%, other 9.6%

Ethnic Breakdown: Asian 56.3%, Pacific islander 36.3%, Caucasian 1.8%, other 0.8%, mixed 4.8%

Religion: Christian (Roman Catholic majority, although traditional beliefs and taboos may still be found)

Major Cities: Saipan

Phone Country Code: 1-670

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High Travel Season: December - March


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Misc Fact / Good to Know: The island of Saipan contains the seat of government, a busy seaport, and an international airport.