Park, Sleep and Fly Home ยป Park Sleep Cruise

Park Sleep Cruise within the USA

Do not worry about oversleeping and missing your cruise! Reserve your room at these Park Sleep Cruise Hotels before you get there and save cash! It is quick, safe, and guaranteed. All hotels are near the cruise port, and provide complimentary shuttle bus service to and from the cruise port for hotel guests.

Cruise hotels are based all over the United States - and even Puerto Rico! Do not bother to fight New York's legendary traffic to get to Newark's new port. Skip the long drives around San Francisco to get to that cruise location. Why stress about a pile-up on an LA freeway when you could be staying mere minutes away from the Port of Los Angeles? Rest well - and start your trip on a good note by booking a Park Sleep Cruise hotel.

West Coast Park Sleep Cruise

Galveston, Texas Park Sleep Cruise Hotels
San Francisco, California Park Sleep Cruise Hotels
Seattle, Washington Park Sleep Cruise Hotels

East Coast Park Sleep Cruise

Baltimore, Maryland Park Sleep Cruise Hotels
Boston, Massachusetts Park Sleep Cruise Hotels
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Park Sleep Cruise Hotels
Miami, Florida Park Sleep Cruise Hotels
Newark, New Jersey Park Sleep Cruise Hotels
Tampa, Florida Park Sleep Cruise Hotels

Why use Park, Sleep and Fly?

Sometimes, getting to the airport can be more stressful than your flight. Between busy schedules, long drives, crazy weather and congested freeways, a last minute dash to your plane (or boat) is hardly the relaxed and calm way to begin your trip.

Park, Sleep and Fly or Park-Sleep-Cruise is, therefore, the ideal stress-reducing option. It makes sense for travelers with long drives between home and the airport, early morning departures or late night arrivals, or just those who want a little less of the anxiety that travel can cause.

The idea is simple. First, you drive your own car on your own schedule to a hotel located near the airport or the ship dock and park your car in a parking space that is guaranteed to be saved for you in a secure parking lot. Next, relax and sleep at the hotel of your choice, having received a special room rate and assured reservation. You wake up the next morning rested and ready for the final step - the part where you fly or hop on your cruise, stress-free and looking forward to your holiday! You will never miss your flight or boat with the free shuttle to and from your hotel, and with your car already taken care of and no traffic to fight, you can say bon voyage to your worries!

If you prefer to stay the night in a hotel when you return back at the end of your trip, because of a late night arrival, you can do that instead of - or even in addition to - the evening before your trip.

The process is easy and will save you from travel headaches. What could be better?