Emergency Evacuation Insurance

Not all medical facilities were created equal. Depending on the plan, Emergency Medical Evacuation insurance covers the cost of transporting a seriously injured or ill person. Compare the different plans available via the matrix below and use the links at the bottom to check prices.

Plan Name

MEDJET Assistance

TravelGap Voyager


MEDJET Assistance 

HTH Worldwide 


Quote & Buy

Quote & Buy


Lloyd’s of London

HM Life Insurance Company, Pittsburgh, PA – AM Best Rating A- (Excellent)

Available To

US and Canadian residents and expatriates

US Residents (available in 37 States + DC) age 74 and younger

Medical Expenses

Not Covered

Max $1,000,000 through age 74

Pre-existing Conditions

NOT Excluded

Unstable Pre-existing conditons are not covered. Subject to a 180 lookback period. Pre-Existing Conditions are covered under the Medical Evacuation Benefit, the Repatriation of Remains Benefit and the Bedside Visit Benefit

Emergency Evacuation

Unlimited transport to the hospital of your choice


Repatriation of Remains

No Maximum. Remains returned to member’s place of


Emergency Reunion

Travel companions may accompany member on MEDJET flights

Bedside Visit: $1500

Accidental Death & Dismemberment


$25,000 – 24 hour while on a covered trip

Flight Accident


$25,000 – 24 hour while on a covered trip

Trip Cancellation

Not Covered


Trip Interruption

Not Covered


Trip Delay

Not Covered


Sports & Hazardous Activities

See Details

$10,000 Max for downhill (alpine) skiing and scuba

Lost Baggage

Not Covered


Baggage Delay

Not Covered


Supplier Bankruptcy/Default

Not Covered


Labor Strike

Not Covered



Not Excluded

Medical coverage for injury due to terrorist act

Rental Car Insurance

Not Covered


Travel Assistance

Not Included

24 Hour Emergency Medical Assistance

Special Features

MEDJET will fly you to the hospital of your choice
at no charge

Worldlwide Elite Doctor Network, City Health Profiles
& Prescription Drug Translation Guide

Length Of Coverage

Maximum Trip Length 365 Days

7 days to 6 months New policy may be purchased after 6 months subject to new deductibles and pre-existing conditions.


Quote & Buy

Quote & Buy

Travel Medical Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance reimburses you for emergency medical expenses incurred when you are traveling or living in a foreign country. Compare

Trip protection Insurance

Trip Protection Insurance reimburses your travel expenses if an unexpected crisis (e.g. sickness, airline strike etc) occurs before or during your trip causing it to be cancelled, interrupted or delayed. Compare

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Do I need travel insurance?

When accidents happen

Imagine if you have become seriously ill, or had a car accident whilst traveling, would you be covered for treatment in the country? Would you have the support of an emergency assistant team to make sure you get the best treatment? Travel Insurance provides you with this.

When it gets really serious

Then imagine if you had to be repatriated? The cost of chartering a medivac flight, medical support in flight can run hundreds of thousands of dollars. Travel Insurance will keep you covered.

When plans change

1 week into your trip a hurricane wipes out your destination, perhaps a family member becomes ill, will you have to bear the burden of the cost of cancelling your trip? Travel Insurance can cover you.



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