When to Buy UK Travel Insurance

frameGenerally speaking, it’s advisable not to go on a vacation in the UK without being covered by travel insurance. In the worst case scenario, the insurance will make your life easier by offering coverage for the ensured risk. Otherwise, you just spent little more money on your vacation.

What type of travel insurance should I choose when traveling to UK?

There are 5 major types of travel insurance available. However, medical insurance usually covers medical assistance, accident and evacuation. The benefits differ from company to company so make sure to know what you choose before paying for it. Ideally, you should be covered for: trip cancellation, medical assistance, emergency evacuation and travel accident.

When should I buy the insurance?

Technically, you should buy the policy 14-21 days prior to departure. Practically, after you have booked your accommodation and arranged for transportation, make sure to buy your travel insurance as well.

What if I am a European Union member?

If you reside in an EU country, some benefits may be covered by your national insurance In other words, if you pay a medical insurance in your country and it says you are covered in the entire EU, then you won’t need another travel medical insurance. Fewer than 60 countries actually have reciprocal healthcare agreement with the UK so do your homework before you assume anything. Plus, coverage varies from country to country (i.e. a Romanian or Bulgarian citizen may not be covered at all, while a French citizen may be fully covered).

Needless to say, make sure to have the proof with you all the time (which is usually a card with your name and personal identification number).

However, you will need to be covered for trip cancellation.

What if I am pregnant?

Most airlines and travel insurance companies impose restrictions in such cases. Generally, you can travel without a problem until week 28 but between weeks 28 and 36 the expectant mother needs a doctor’s certificate to prove she is fit to fly. Most companies will cover a pregnant woman for up to 28 weeks but make sure to ask for details before buying the travel insurance.

What should I take into account when I decide to buy or not travel insurance?

Quote & BuyThe shortest answer would be: take into account the worst case scenario and act accordingly.

Otherwise, you can go by the following rules:

Flights to get canceled. Whether we are talking about an airline strike, bad weather or the airline going bankrupted, flights get canceled. And it has happened in the UK as well. Your airline might offer to help but if you fly on a low-cost carrier, chances to get any benefits are very slim. So the best way to avoid problems is to buy trip protection (cancellation) insurance.

Terrorist attacks. After 9/11 the world was stunned. Europeans assumed they were safer but the terrorist attacks in Spain in 2004 and the ones in London the following year, made us all realize that Europe is not exactly untouchable. Flight (travel accident) insurance protects you against such cases and in the unfortunately event that something bad, other than terrorist attacks, happens to your flight.

Sports and outside activities. Do you travel to the UK for practicing some exciting sports? If so, make sure to be covered by both medical insurance and emergency evacuation insurance (in many cases these come in a package). In the event you become seriously injured you will be transported to the nearest adequate medical institution (even the one you requested in many cases).

However, many travel insurance companies exclude sports considered “dangerous” (i.e. motor biking, horseback riding). Make sure the policy covers the sport you are planning to practice.

Acts of God and natural events. The type of natural events covered by the policies varies from company to company. Since you won’t have problems with hurricanes or tornados in the UK, you may need help in case of an earthquake, for example.

You travel often to the UK. If you are a frequent traveler, whether for business or leisure, buying an annual multi-trip insurance saves you money and time.

Travel Medical Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance reimburses you for emergency medical expenses incurred when you are traveling or living in a foreign country. Compare

Trip protection Insurance

Trip Protection Insurance reimburses your travel expenses if an unexpected crisis (e.g. sickness, airline strike etc) occurs before or during your trip causing it to be cancelled, interrupted or delayed. Compare

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Do I need travel insurance?

When accidents happen

Imagine if you have become seriously ill, or had a car accident whilst traveling, would you be covered for treatment in the country? Would you have the support of an emergency assistant team to make sure you get the best treatment? Travel Insurance provides you with this.

When it gets really serious

Then imagine if you had to be repatriated? The cost of chartering a medivac flight, medical support in flight can run hundreds of thousands of dollars. Travel Insurance will keep you covered.

When plans change

1 week into your trip a hurricane wipes out your destination, perhaps a family member becomes ill, will you have to bear the burden of the cost of cancelling your trip? Travel Insurance can cover you.



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