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Bucket list

WE are going on our retirement trip.
  • Departure:11 Sep 2017 (in 408 days)
  • Duration: 40 days
  • Adults: 1  

Travel to Israel

Sightsing of cultural and historical monuments of Israel.
  • Departure:20 Oct 2016 (in 82 days)
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Adults: 1  


please if the flight is not going from lahore then choose any other city in Pakistan.
  • Departure:05 Aug 2016 (in 6 days)
  • Duration: 22 days
  • Adults: 1  

Africa/French Polynesia

give me the best (cheapest) route please! and submit me the price! how much would it cost me? for 1-2 months..
  • Departure:01 Feb 2017 (in 186 days)
  • Duration: 56 days
  • Adults: 1  

RTW Trip

Ive been wanting to go on a year long trip for the longest time. I would have preferred to do a trip encircling the whole globe, but I understand that it would be a little too concentrated and may wear me out. So, was perhaps thinking of doing a 3 continent trip first before embarking on the other 3.

I would like to have a wide variety of experiences for this trip; ie cultural, scenic spots, city life, etc. I would prefer to have a more varied cultural experience, essentially.

Advices that I would appreciate, can be perhaps places to consider dropping and adding, instead of the ones that I've planned here.

At the moment, I am a single female, who will probably be travelling alone, so some advice on places to stay and avoid would be awesome as well.

Thank you! :)

Via San Francisco

Need to get to Tokyo from ABQ, then to PEK. Various flights in between. Then home from Guilin through any city in China. Have looked at leaving out of LAX and SFO since there are non-stops from ABQ. It's the outbound and return that are hanging me up. Not thrilled with Hainan or Asiana for the long flights, but system is not giving me alternatives. You guys were super a few years ago. Can you help?

OMG world Trip

travelling 2 adults one 13 year old. Plan to WWOOF and stay in budget accomidation... spending 2 or more months per stop
  • Departure:01 Jun 2017 (in 306 days)
  • Duration: 245 days
  • Adults: 1  

My Gap Year

I want to visit some places i really want to go for my gap year


  • Departure:16 Jul 2016
  • Duration: 25 days
  • Adults: 1   Children: 1  

Round the World America-Asia (Istambul)

That's part of my round the world plan. I dream about it at least for 10 years, so I expect to do it until I get 50 years old


no thanks
  • Departure:06 Jul 2016
  • Duration: 6 days
  • Adults: 1  

Solo travel

I would like to go to the cities that I want to visit for sightseeing
Please tell me why the route does not work..
Thank you.
  • Departure:06 Feb 2017 (in 191 days)
  • Adults: 1  


Hi there, we are two people and want to go from Auckland to South America in the beginning of february, preferably Buenos Aires or Uruguay. Our end destination is Hamburg in Germany and we would like to arrive in the beginning of may. what would be the best route? Thank you for your help
  • Departure:01 Feb 2017 (in 186 days)
  • Duration: 90 days
  • Adults: 1  

dub pns sandiego dub

price please?
  • Departure:28 Oct 2016 (in 90 days)
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Adults: 1  

180 Best Guess

Wondering why the database won't give me any flights on these dates

Trip 1

trip including all destinations in 2 month from 15 october to 15 december 2016, in Bangalore 12 days and sharing the time in all destinations Gianapolo Pedrini
  • Departure:16 Oct 2016 (in 78 days)
  • Duration: 47 days
  • Adults: 1  

Hong Kong/Singapore

I'm going to visit friends in Hong Kong and Singapore and need to find the cheapest way of booking flights, thank you.
  • Departure:28 Jun 2016
  • Duration: 14 days
  • Adults: 1  

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