The proposed itinerary proposed flights with multiple airlines on a particular direction (especially ones from Christchurch to Jakarta). My question is whether I will be able to check through my luggage from point of departure to the final destination and if I can get all boarding pass when I checked in at the point of departure. Thanks!
  • Departure:20 Dec 2014 (in 245 days)
  • Duration: 14 days
  • Adults: 2   Children: 1  
  • 1 comment
midlife crisis!!! need a break:)
Trip: bucket list
  • Departure:02 Nov 2014 (in 197 days)
  • Duration: 51 days
  • Adults: 1  
Hi, i have wanted to go on an around the world trip and i entered in my desired locations but it came up with no flights found. would you know why?
  • Departure:14 Nov 2014 (in 209 days)
  • Duration: 32 days
  • Adults: 1  
Is there a way to get the stopover in Iceland but with a price closer to the normal roundtrip price?
  • Departure:30 May 2014 (in 41 days)
  • Duration: 34 days
  • Adults: 1  
I am super flexible on which days I actually travel. I want 9-12 days in portland, 1.5-2 wks Montana and the rest in MN. Any advice to bring down the price?
  • Departure:28 May 2014 (in 39 days)
  • Duration: 70 days
  • Adults: 1  

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