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Italy Berlin

Pl suggest best airfare from Mumbai/ Delhi in India to Rome and return from Berlin to mum/ Delhi india
  • Departure:22 May 2015 (in 111 days)
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Adults: 2   Children: 2  

RTW JAN 2016

Lots of time to plan, so please advise generally on the proposed route, avoiding USA if possible. Should it be a requirement for a less expensive rtw fare, then insert NYC before return to Sao Paulo. The critical date is the first weekend of the 2016 Sapporo ice festival, 3 days required there, we can work everything else around that.
Thanks Ray

matti wilson

Would like an idea of a round the world flight ticket price, but your website can't find one. I want to travel the world of course!
  • Departure:01 Aug 2015 (in 182 days)
  • Duration: 184 days
  • Adults: 1  

HK and Korea

Hi, I'd like to go on a vacation in the fall with a friend - dates are flexible but likely spanning around 2.5 weeks in total. When would be the best time of year to book the trip? Also, do you have any suggestions with saving money using stopovers? Thanks!
  • Departure:21 Sep 2015 (in 233 days)
  • Duration: 19 days
  • Adults: 1  

RTW in around 6 weeks incl Canada

Hi, I am in the early stages of planning a big trip for myself and my 16 year old son. Around Jan - Feb 2016 Must do parts of the trip, some snowboarding Canada & Austria, Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls, (Paris, Rome, Greece- by rail & Ferry)Egypt Tour, Victoria Falls. I have only done couple of work overseas trips- a long time ago. We do get away on holidays in NZ though. Any information to help on Budget required, accomodation costs, food allowance, sightseeing cost and thoughts on locations selected, greatfully accepted

trip Luca


this is my idea of itinerary, but I would like to know what are the alternative, about starting/arriving from/to a different city near that one I choose or in different day near that one I choose, to find cheaper solution.
I would like to discuss the different routing options for each flight.

I hope you'll help me.

Thank you very much,

Backpacking 2015

I'll be traveling solo and overseas for the first time in late spring of this year and would love tips and tricks from fellow travelers as well as budgeting and planning advice

Summer trip

I'd like to know if I can fit all this in from the 11-6 to 25-8-2015. Would it be better to go from London or Dublin? Any advice would be great! What price would this trip cost? Thanks

Bhutan and Lanka

I have about 2.5 weeks to fly out to Bhutan. I would like to try to get to Sri Lanka as well during that time. I'm just trying to get a sense of routing and timing to get to and from the area and if it is possible to achieve this route with 17/18 days. I figured 10/11 days in Bhutan, with the balance in Sri Lanka and or traveling. Would appreciate any advice here. Thanks.
  • Departure:09 Sep 2015 (in 221 days)
  • Duration: 18 days
  • Adults: 1  

RTW 01

I would love to use train routes for land travel and ship routes for overseas travel if possible. I would really really love it if I didn't fly by air - ever.

World Tour

I want to cross Europe by bus to reach Moscow and take the Transsiberian all the way to Asia and then travel again via bus or train across South-East Asia. I want to work a bit in Australia if possible and then make my way to South America. I do not have an expiration date for my trip. Any advices on the best way to go from one way to the others are welcomed. I want to avoid planes as much as possible.

South America/Australia

Hi, I realise that part of this trip is way in the future, but any advice would be appreciated. We have some flexibility. The only definite things are we want to arrive in Santiago for the first time in March/April 2015, and we want to be on Easter Island for Christmas. To get to Sydney, we could fly from any city in Peru, Argentina, or Chile. In the US, we can easily fly out of LAX or SFO. Thank you!
  • Departure:16 Mar 2015 (in 44 days)
  • Duration: 411 days
  • Adults: 1  

Wintery Poland

I am planning to visit my lovely Pomorze in winter. It is a huge challenge cause I dont know is there any other activities available than swimming in the Baltic Sea- im not willing to try that in February :) Help me out guys!!!

College Search

I am wanting to travel to Orlando Florida on Feb 13th from Dallas TX and return to Dallas TX on Feb 15th. Either airport in Dallas TX is fine. The cheapest would be great.
  • Departure:13 Feb 2015 (in 14 days)
  • Adults: 2  

Oktoberfest 2015

Would like to visit Oktoberfest in Munich with a stop in London on either end of the trip. Home airport is GSO, but I am happy to fly out of a cheaper US airport to reduce the price of the trip.
  • Departure:20 Sep 2015 (in 232 days)
  • Duration: 13 days
  • Adults: 1  

Europe Vacation

Not sure why I am not getting a price. Toronto to munich on 17 April, Munich to Athens 24 April, Athens to Toronto 3 May. 3 adults.
  • Departure:07 Mar 2015 (in 36 days)
  • Duration: 19 days
  • Adults: 1  


I am looking for tickets in the end of June through the beginning of August to go to Thailand then Indonesia. I noticed lay overs in Hongkong and Tokyo, and I wanted to extend those layovers to a few days, but that seems to add $1000 on to my trip. Is there a better way for me to do this?
  • Departure:23 Jun 2015 (in 143 days)
  • Duration: 42 days
  • Adults: 1  

Solo Backpacking Trip

I'm wondering if my timing looks good for these areas as far as weather, crowds, and festivals.
  • Departure:04 Aug 2015 (in 185 days)
  • Duration: 230 days
  • Adults: 1  

May_June 2015

Singapore to London for a wedding. Visit Orkney Islands. Fly to Colorado Springs, Colorado, to Atlanta, Georgia, to New York for my son's graduation on June 13. Return to Singapore. What is the cheapest route/airlines? Only June 13 is a fixed date. Please include trains if cheaper. Thank you. Annabella
  • Departure:28 Apr 2015 (in 87 days)
  • Duration: 48 days
  • Adults: 1  

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