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Best way to get to Seattle from the Canaries is????
  • Departure:07 Oct 2015 (in 1 days)
  • Adults: 1  


I would like to do a round the world trip including all the destinations selected, can you give me some advice on how long is the right time to stay in each place ish? i dont want plan it all but i would like to include the Inca trail in 2017 but it is closed in FEB

Dream route

This is my dream route and it's not availabe

Gap year!


Could I get an estimate for the cost of the flights listed? Historical data will do, seeing as it is too far into the future at the moment.

The idea is to work in Perth for 3 months from mid September 2016, then the travelling begins around Christmas 2016 through until mid June 2017, with the aim of being back in England in time for Glastonbury festival!

Sabbatical planning

Hi. I am planning a trip for March 2016 to 2 continents that I haven't experienced before. I don't know these areas or their requirements so I am trying to get info now. I've read your articles on RTW planning and am excited but also feeling a bit overwhelmed. I'm still trying to determine how much this trip will cost. I need help with hotels and tours. The dates listed are estimates. I'm flexible on the days if the prices are better one day or one week later. I just need to know a price range so I can lock in the plans and dates. Any suggestions you can offer are welcomed. Thanks!

Dream Trip

I want to stay copule of days in Thailand for honey moon, the rest I receive any advice on how to do this thip the best possible.

Gap Year:Europe

Hi! this is a gap year trip, I know I want to travel Europe but im not sure how long to stay in each destination or the best route. any tips would be greatly appreciated! 100% need to start or finish in Iceland

ISKES trip

I have some fixed dates - beginning and end of a conference in Hong Kong. Then I am open - can spend most of a month travelling and have plugged in my return dates to Victoria around Christmas, simply because I thought it would be cheaper. But I am somewhat flexible on either side (0r right in the middle) of the holiday. When am I most likely to get the cheapest flights?
  • Departure:28 Nov 2015 (in 53 days)
  • Duration: 27 days


I'm heading solo to Beijing and will be there from the 10th until the 22nd of October. I'm looking for anyone who is keen on meeting up to check out the sights, cultural activities, etc. Lots of cool stuff to do! If you're going to be in the area, give me a shout!


How long should I stay in places, what other places should I add, I want the trip to extend to at least 6 months, but not sure how much it will all be and how long I'd have to save up? On average what are the prices for a 6 month trip!

best shot

Delta has a go-Asia pass that might save us about $400 and assure us of Delta skymiles for four flights within Asia. They are HAN TO HUE; 1/22; HUE TO SGN 1/26; SGN TO REP 1/29 AND REP TO BKK 2/1. Can I pick up my Indie travel again on 2/1 for BKK TO KBV and then continue? I can't do that on the webpage. Please advise..

Lions International Centennial Conference

I am going to attend the Lions International Convention in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The dates of the Convention are 30 June - 4 July. This will be preceded by 1 week of Governor's School - 24 June - 30 June.I would like to spend at least 10 days in Chicago after the Convention, as I have relatives in Chicago. I am happy to fly via Dubai, UAE, Istanbul and if there is an option of a free stopover, then a few days in that center is in order, both on the outbound and return trip. Or a European destination. Due to high cost, with the weak Rand, this requires long-term saving and planning. I am happy to fly in the week, on cheaper days. Please could you assist?

Kind regards. Geila Wills.

My first world trip

For now it's just a dream travel, so will see. But I'de like to know if you know some amazing places that I have to see, where I'me going.


Hi! This is my first time planning for long term travel and I am super duper excited!!! (also a bit overwhelmed). The mantra "proper planning prevents poor performance" has been ingrained in me, so the idea of booking my first location and leaving the rest to spontaneity is foreign. However, this trip is partly about embracing the foreign. Another reason I am taking this trip is simply to experience life around the globe. I figure I am about 1/3 of the way through my life and have spent that third in one location, so its time to explore other places.

Some advice I could use is:

What do you think of the order of the places on my itinerary? I selected the order based off of trying to have good weather and not zigzagging back and forth (I assume that zigzagging is more expensive than flying in straight lines).

Also, I am overwhelmed with planning the southeast Asia part of my trip. I know very little about this area of the world, so, when I read blogs I get lost in the overwhelming amount of new information. Any suggestions for planning a one month itinerary there that includes some off the beaten path places would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

franco farrugia

I would love to visit mostly fiji and Rarotonga
  • Departure:23 Jun 2016 (in 261 days)
  • Duration: 55 days

Idea 1

This trip includes all of the destinations I want, but not sure if the order makes sense, if it would be better to do less stops (and use regional flights instead from the hubs), etc. I do not know departure date so Feb 1, 2015 was fairly random. I would also consider starting the RTW flight from outside of Canada if that makes sense and is cheaper. I am planing on overlanding between Bogota and San Paulo, between Cape Town and Nairobi, all over SE Asia, and China. Thanks!

South America

I would like to get an estimate on the cost of flights. I want to go to Cuba from Cancun, from there to Machu Picchu, Cusco, Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires, Santiago to Easter Island and return back home. Alternatively, I could go to Miami and go to Cuba, and from MIami to Cusco, etc.
  • Departure:04 Apr 2016 (in 181 days)
  • Duration: 37 days


hello my cousin lives in Portland and I was thinking of flying into Portland from providence boston area to Portland visit for a few days then from there catch the flight to hawii (which my cousin is coming) for a few days, from Portland to hawii I would like to make sure my cousin could leave on the same flight to hawii and then we get on the same flight out. what is the best way to plan this?
  • Departure:31 Oct 2015 (in 25 days)
  • Duration: 9 days


I like to know How could I get a cheaper rate and add a second passanger from Singapore to Rome and Montreal. reason of my travel : get married and visit family and friends which have not seen in more than 30 years.

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