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STL to CAI for 2 day stopover then on to JOH for 7 day stopover then back to STL

CAI Stopover is to break up long say 17 hr. flight to JOH at a place of interest
  • Departure:06 Oct 2015 (in 32 days)
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Adults: 1  

world trip

I'd like to know what order you'd recommend visiting these locations and which flights we need vs. which we can take bus/train instead. I'd like to see a sample itinerary/pricing.

Yoga teacher training, with layover in China

I'm heading to india to do my yoga teacher training, and would like to try and make the most of the trip my having a 15-72 hour layover in China somewhere or anywhere cool!
  • Departure:06 Jan 2016 (in 124 days)
  • Adults: 1  

Loch Ness marathon

running the 5 k then off to London for a couple of days. Been before and did a lot of the big activities, looking for off the beaten path oddities and weird places to hang mid-week

Johanna daly

We are a family of four. Two children ages 7 and 13. I am having a hard time getting an accurate quote for the airfare. And I am having trouble planning in country flights throughout Africa and South America.

First trip out of country

Would like to travel to Europe - say London/Paris/Rome? or something similar in under 2 weeks; inexpensive as possible without being kids (we are young 60's) for a 10 day-14 day total trip including travel. (I work full time). Flexible. Is there a way to build the parameters of the trip and search? Thanks, Lee (
  • Departure:13 Oct 2015 (in 39 days)
  • Adults: 2  

Around the World Again

I'm on what may be my last around the world trip! Settling down for a while next year.

West pacific tour

Hi, im planning a big trip on the western coast of the pacific. I have a route, and i am trying to figure out the cost of making my fare a flexible one.

Australia-UK TRIP

Business trip . Need to get from RDU to Adelaide August 29th 2015 arrive Adelaide 31st. Leave Adelaide 4th September for London to arrive 4th or 5th September. Leave London on 9th to arrive RDU on 9th September

E&J Latin America Wedding Tours

Hi there, we are spending a 'gap year' in Buenos Aires--we are already here! We have a few short trips: getting married in October in Texas, ,coming back to BsAs, a trip to Lima to visit a friend possibly in December, a friends wedding in Vitoria in August then possibly come back to Buenos Aires or go straight back to TX. We don't have specific dates but want to book our return trip to Buenos Aires--- we are worried specifically about needing to have a proof of return. SInce our trips are pretty far away, we don't know what to do! Help would be appreciated!
  • Departure:21 Oct 2015 (in 47 days)
  • Duration: 315 days
  • Adults: 2  

my trip 2

Hi guys,

I would really like to do this route for as little money as I can. Having chosen these places, I thought about adding some different perspectives to my life...
  • Departure:29 Apr 2016 (in 238 days)
  • Duration: 69 days
  • Adults: 1  

World Travel

Have not visited that part of the world -- sort of Bucket list

Hello World!

Want to get the best price, don't mind what time of the year I go but I want to get 3-4 days in each location (I'm flexible so that can be more or less if the cost helps it).. Just wanting to explore.
  • Departure:01 Dec 2015 (in 88 days)
  • Duration: 61 days
  • Adults: 1  


I would like to know what activity's are available I like water activitys and also seeing the sites
  • Departure:01 Jan 2016 (in 119 days)
  • Duration: 46 days
  • Adults: 1  


Family of 8 looking to do several stops in a 15 day period.

RTW via S America

I changed dates but still no flights ?

RTW trip via S America

Indie was unable to provide flights for this trip

RTW trip via S America

I am wondering why going via S America is twice as expensive as going via N America ? Thanks Patrick

Cousins getaway

I can't seem to fined a round trip button Athens - Paris then return Paris - Athens we would like to sightsee Paris area
  • Departure:21 Sep 2015 (in 17 days)
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Adults: 2  

Europe 2016

Please give me a price estimate as the tool was unable to do it and suggest if it is the optimum route. Thanks.
  • Departure:08 Jun 2016 (in 278 days)
  • Duration: 26 days
  • Adults: 1  

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