South America for 6

Riel Manriquez

Toronto - Galapagos - Cuzco - Lima - Toronto

Departure: Feb 05, 2014

Duration: 17 days

Travelers: 6 adults

Riel Manriquez (1467 days ago)

We are 6 older adults with a condo available to us in Lima. We have never been to Peru before and would like to go to Machu Picchu and the Galapagos in Ecuador. We all have different requirements. Two people think they will never to return so they are trying to do everything in one trip. Another person wants to limit the trip to 2 weeks give or take. Three of us are retired. I am concerned about comfort and safety.

We would like good accommodations but we don't need a great number of extras. Good food is important.

We thought up this way of doing the travel to save on cost. I would like to know if you think this is the best way to fly or would we be better off adding or changing the routes. We are flexible but none of us like to do long layovers.

Can you recommend any good tours out of Lima (or anywhere else) that might cover part of the flying, save costs and give us a tour guide.

Price in mind 5000.

adam seper (1466 days ago)

My first question is about your budget - is $5k the total amount for the entire trip, or just for the flights?

Riel Manriquez (1466 days ago)

$5000 canadian dollars is for the entire trip per person

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