retirement wish

Jags mooljee

retirement wish

Departure: Sep 12, 2014

Duration: 90 days

Travelers: 2 adults

Jags mooljee (1394 days ago)

Want to make a world tour and cover all the continents.A retirement wish to see new places.

Chris testie (1393 days ago)

G'day Jags,

Brisbane is my home town! I was home for a visit a few years ago and missed the big floods by just a few days.

This route drop about $800 off your last searched route:

If you are flexible with your order of stops, this route is even better, price-wise:

You also mentioned wanting to incorporate South Africa if possible. That will depend somewhat on your budget for the trip, but here is a route that includes it to give you an idea of price:

Click on 'search fares' on any of the links above. Once Indie shows you a price, click on the 'select' button that appears next to it. You can then edit each of your flights to smooth out long layovers, change airlines and even search +/- 3 days of your chosen date to see if there are cheaper days to fly.

I hope this helps.


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