S.A. - Madagascar

Gunter Rebele (1392 days ago)

Rome, Nairobi, Kuala Lumpur and Manila are not essential. Any suggestions for a more interesting or economical route?

Chris testie (1391 days ago)

G'day Gunter,

It looks like you're trying a few different options in Indie. That's fantastic! I see that you registered for RTW30 Family edition. How many will be in your party?

I put together this route that has you stopping in Bangkok over Madras and there are better connections between Antanarivo and Thailand than India.


Click on 'search fares' on the link above. Once Indie shows you a price for the above route, click on the 'select' button that appears next to it. You can then edit each of your flights to smooth out long layovers, change airlines and even search +/- 3 days of your chosen date to see if there are cheaper days to fly.

Building off your original trip, you could look at this route that replaces Rome with Istanbul:

You are moving quite quickly and I'd be concerned you'll feel like you're just getting off one plane before having to jump on another. Perhaps less stops but more time in each is something to consider?


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