2 month Europe trip

Sarah Hayward

2 month Europe trip

Departure: Mar 04, 2014

Duration: 63 days

Sarah Hayward (1394 days ago)

I'm planning a solo trip and the aim is really to see some of the big ticket cities. The trip to Colonge is to visit some friends.

Is catching the train going to be the most cost efficient way to get around, or are there some legs where I would be better off flying?

Chris testie (1393 days ago)

G'day Sarah,

Within Europe it's certainly worth looking into the cost of a rail pass to see if it works out cheaper. Here is our page that will help with that (www.bootsnall.com/eurail) and feel free to talk to Dave in our office about the various passes. He's our rail expert.

Something to keep in mind when you're comparing prices of flights vs train is that trains will often drop you right in the middle of the city, whereas airports can be some distance outside of town and require shuttles or public transport to get to where you are staying. Those transport costs should be factored in.

Some airlines within Europe will also offer a really cheap base fare but charge extra for luggage and a host of other things that can add up quickly, plus add to the annoyance factor.

Trains can also be booked much closer to your intended departure, giving you more flexibility in your trip than if you buy your flights in advance.

Having said all that, trains do take more time and if your schedule is tight, you may want to fly between some destinations to spend more time there. The beauty of the budget carriers in Europe is that there are a lot of them and you can book their flights as you go along.

I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have more questions.

Indie Travel Expert

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