SFO (San Francisco) - ADL (Adelaide) - DPS (Denpasar) - SFO (San Francisco)

Anita Reimann

San Francisco - Adelaide - Denpasar - San Francisco

Departure: Jul 03, 2014

Duration: 20 days

Travelers: 1 adults

Anita Reimann (1385 days ago)

We are a family of 5 (kids will be 17, 12, and 9 at the time). Need to travel in July to Adelaide Australia to see relatives. Would like to add on one to 3 stops in Asia (1st choice would be Japan, but Bali, Hong Kong, Beijing, Bangkok all ok) without increasing the price too much per person. Somewhat flexible on travel dates... can't leave SFO before July 3 and need to return by July 28. Want about 10-12 days in Adelaide. Thx for any advice.

Chris testie (1384 days ago)

G'day Anita,

Your group would be 4 adults and one child as far as the airlines are concerned. Do you have a preference for which order you go in? Does Adelaide need to be first?

This route has 3 stops (Tokyo, Singapore & Bali) for under $3,000 per adult.

Click on 'search fares' on the link above. Once Indie shows you a price for the above route, click on the 'select' button that appears next to it. You can then edit each of your flights to smooth out long layovers, change airlines and even search +/- 3 days of your chosen date to see if there are cheaper days to fly.


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