FRA (Frankfurt) - SZB (Kuala Lumpur) - AKL (Auckland) - CHC (Christchurch) - NAN (Nadi) - UIO (Quito) - GPS (Galapagos) - FRA (Frankfurt)

Ruth Schäfer (1384 days ago)


Is there a way for us to see the individual prices of each flight? Until now we have only found a way of seeing the overall price for all stretches of the journey and the price differences (+/- x-Dollars) on the +/- 3 Days page. We would love to see the individual prices though. Can you help us out?

Chris testie (1384 days ago)

G'day Ruth,

You can do a one-way search between each city pair to get a rough idea of the price of the individual flights, but it will not be a true indication of price as part of the value of Indie is being able to group flights together to get a better price.


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