trip to Islamabad

Pervez Beg

Memphis - London - Islamabad - London - Memphis

Departure: Mar 10, 2014

Duration: 41 days

Travelers: 2 adults

Pervez Beg (1389 days ago)

can i put an alert on my routes for possibility of price drop. my dates are flexible.

Cristina Puscas (1389 days ago)

G'day Pervez,

currently, there isn't automatic way to be alerted of a price drop.

for routes which are less than 5 flight legs long, your only option is to try various combinations and see how that changes the price.

for routes which are 5 or more legs , you can use the flexible dates search. Click search fares, then click select and on the next screen edit each leg and run a flexible dates search for each leg.

also, you can try to run the searches on various dates to see how that changes the price.

hope it helps.



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