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Shantha Bunyan (1273 days ago)

Hi, I'm originally from Colorado, but am now in Kolkata, where i have family. I'd thought I'd get one of the RTW tickets through an alliance and go for a year before ending up back in India. By then I figure i'll have enough mileage to get back to the US...
I have a very loose idea of where I'd like to go and timing-wise my only real plan now is that I'd hoped to be in New Zealand around December to camp and trek and maybe spend new years and January in Australia. I want to go to Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, and Malta for sure, maybe hit up some Greek isles, the Amalfi coast, and/or Spain while I'm down there. I definitely want to visit a cousin in the Philippines and thought to see some of the south pacific on my way to/from Aust/NZ. I'd like to go to Samoa, maybe Fiji, Bali. the Maldives or Seychelles islands would be a big bonus. I hadn't originally planned on going to S.America, but I these RoundTheWorld tickets usually require going over the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. I do have a friend in Quito Ecuador right now, and wouldn't mind seeing Easter Island, if I'm passng by... (I could also spend some time in S. America, and work on my Spanish.)
Do you know much about these RTW tickets? Is it a good deal? Do the open ended tickets really work out? Do you have any suggestions for me? Thank you for any advice you can give.

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