Europe 2015

Tanya Chau

Sydney - Dubai - Belgrade - Dusseldorf - Paris - Singapore - Sydney

Departure: Jun 19, 2015

Duration: 28 days

Travelers: 2 adults 2 children

Tanya Chau (536 days ago)

We are going to visit relatives

Cristina S Puscas (536 days ago)

G'day Tanya

what kind of help do you need with your trip?


Tanya Chau (535 days ago)

Hi Cristina, just flight prices- we have accomodation sorted.

Cristina S Puscas (535 days ago)

G'day Tanya

so you plan to fly in June 2015 and stay away for about a month?

Then, unfortunately, we (airlines) cannot price your trip yet. Airlines only offer availability as far as 11 months out, so by end of August 2014 you'd be able to get a price for your flights.

Let me know if you have other questions.


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