Tracey Tullis (1226 days ago)

We need advice on finding cheaper longer term rentals in cities or towns that have a lot of local culture (history) but a low cost of living. We are plotting a route through the coffee region from Cali in Colombia. Our next country to visit is Ecuador. We have booked no transport or accomadation for the coffee region, Popayan to Pasto in Colombia as of yet.

Cristina Puscas (1225 days ago)

G'day Tracey

I am not sure if airbnb covers that part of the world, but it's worth a try.

Otherwise, just look up local websites which offer such listings.

I noticed that you have a saved a route on Indie but you haven't tried to price it at all. And there are no dates , as well. When do you plan to travel and for how long?


Tracey Tullis (1225 days ago)

Hey Chrisina, I think I am doing this wrong:) No surprise, I can be a bit of a computer neophyte. We have already began our trip. We have been on the road for almost 2 months now and the route I saved is what we have traveled so far.
We don't have any firm plans and our only plan is to travel South and Central America for the next year, maybe. We sold everything in Canada to travel so the only sure thing is the travel itself. We have a lean budget, about $30000CAD, until we can creaet a sustainable income online to build our travle fund. We are working hard on that right now.
Our biggest challenge right now is deciding our next destination. Cost to live and get to the next place are what dictates wha'ts next. I don't feel like we are doing our reasearch as effectively as we could.
I would like to reasearch multiple routes from where we are now in Cali, Colombia is that possibe? I need to go back and edit the map I started: can i contine to edit that map and make it our master copy?
Our rental in Cali id done in 2 weeksand then we have almost 1 month left on our Visa before we have to leane Colombia. We want to move from Cali by way of Popayan to get to Pasto than over the boarder to Ecuador in late July.
We have been using AirBnB and it's worked well but through the coffe region there are very few so our seach continues on the route I mentioned. We are looking at work away sites to. Our minds are open to anything and that's why I love BootsnAll, so many posssibilities.

Cristina Puscas (1225 days ago)

G'day Tracey and thank you for the details

Yes , you can always go back to a saved route. Just go in your account click on your name, then go to saved route. Click on it the one you need and just continue to add places. You can add, deleted, move places around, change from flight to by land / on your own (click on the airplane icon to turn into a mountain).

I've been using this to figure out how much my money would last as an expat

and i strongly advise you read the articles on You can sort by topic or location.

Let me know if you have other questions.

And ps: what you guys are doing rocks!


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