Isis EsCo

Barcelona - Paris - Singapore - Auckland

Departure: Jan 12, 2015

Duration: 1 days

Travelers: 1 adults

Isis EsCo (1221 days ago)

January (starting the 10th)
I don't care anything only that it's the cheapest = stopovers, staying one night or a long stopover in a City (I would visit it) in the SouthEast of Asia, or Australia...
I person
Thanks :)

Chris testie (1221 days ago)

G'day Isis,

Is this a one-way trip to New Zealand or do you need a return to Barcelona (or elsewhere)?

Flying into Auckland (rather than Wellington) will be the most direct flight, unless you're stopping in Australia first.

If you are interested in the cheapest option, a one-way route like this is best:

Click on 'search fares' and when Indie shows you a price, click on it to see the various flight options. Click on the blue' more options' button to see other combinations. You can sort this list by 'travel time' and look for flights that are similar in price to the lowest cost option but also have layovers long enough for you to leave the airport and explore.

Please let me know if you have questions.


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