Katherine Ho

Toronto - Hong Kong - Cairns - Sydney - Melbourne - Auckland - Hong Kong - Toronto

Departure: Nov 01, 2014

Duration: 37 days

Travelers: 2 adults

Katherine Ho (1221 days ago)

We are from Toronto. We want to visit Australia-New Zealand after stopping over in Hong Kong for a few days to and from Australia. Please tell us the best deal....This will be for 2015. I am just testing this new site that the web recommends.

Chris testie (1221 days ago)

G'day Katherine,

You have built your route correctly to visit the places you're interested in.


Click on 'search fares' on the link above. Once Indie shows you a price for the above route, click on it to get to the flight selection page. You can then edit each of your flights to smooth out long layovers, change airlines and even search +/- 3 days of your chosen date to see if there are cheaper days to fly.

Are you thinking of November 2015 for this trip?


Katherine Ho (1221 days ago)

I still don't understand. My tentative route shows an Estimate of $2,001 to $4,418. However, when I searched for fares, it showed "View Options (from $8,078 USD)... So much more expensive than the initial estimate. I joined Bootsall because I thought I could get useful info on inexpensive stopovers. I have no idea how to do this still. Would be good if there is a step by step tutorial.

Chris testie (1221 days ago)

The estimate shows an estimate for 1 adult passenger. You are searching for 2 adults on your route, hence it's almost double the estimate.


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