My Route 1

Globalhobo Harte (1220 days ago)

Interested in ways to trim the price for this route. Not sure if flying at different days/destinations would reduce it?

Would also like advice about additional stops on the way you recommend that I add. Prefer very low-cost travel with minimal visa hassels - - on the hostel/backpacker trail or similar. Trying to keep it around 2 months or so.

Cristina Puscas (1219 days ago)


Just by adjusting some departure dates, I managed to shave off about $100 from the price you got:

I could suggest to travel by land (bus) from Sydney to Cairns. It would save another $170 .

You can add Hanoi to the route and by land from Saigon to Hanoi, same price as above:

You can add Doha on the way to London and still keep the price below what you go in the first place:

How do you feel about mainland Europe? You could fly via Istanbul to Budapest and then by land to London (or fly low-cost airline).

Let me know if you have other questions.


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