Diego's trip

Diego Mladineo (1237 days ago)

So this is my idea for a 3 months round the world trip. My trip is focus in India and a little part of the middle east. The advice I would like to have from you is the related with Iran and Turkey. I'm thinking to go from Iran to Turkey by train, but I'm not sure if is a route where you can see lots of backpackers and this makes me wonder about the safety of this area. What do you think?
Another questions is about the stops that I can add to my itinerary. Do you see more interesting stops for a close budget?

Thanks so much for your help!

Cristina Puscas (1236 days ago)

G'day Diego

seat61.com is a wonderful resource when it comes to train travel. They even tell you how safe the routes are.

what do you consider an "interesting stop"? I believe this is very personal and I don't think that what I'd like would suit you as well. I could certainly suggest Greece for its history . Or better yet, you can ferry hop from Turkey all the way to Greece mainland. Then I can suggest Central Europe (Hungary, Slovakia, Austria) for their beauty.

Plus , from Budapest, you can do most of Europe by train or even boat.


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