2014 Trip

Erin Kathleen Earl (1236 days ago)


I'm particularly looking for advice on the first legs (before Victoria Falls) and after Shanghai the bits in the middle are largely pinned down by other people. Before Victoria Falls, I want to see Capetown and tour Namibia a bit, and after Shanghai I want to go to Easter Island, hike in Patagonia, and go to Antarctica. I'd love any suggestions you have.


Chris testie (1223 days ago)

G'day Erin,

Before Vic Falls your route is fine. Cape Town is a bigger airport in the region so makes sense to fly there before Windhoek.

After Shanghai is where it gets interesting. Easter Island is an expensive place to get to no matter which direction you're coming from. From Asia it's a very long way and there are a number of ways you can go.

1. Fly to Auckland, then Tahiti (PPT) then Easter Island.
This has the benefit of no backtracking, plus adds another couple of stops to your route. There is, however, only one flight per week between PPT and Easter Island so you'll need to factor your dates around that.

2. Fly to Sydney or Auckland and on to Santiago and arrange Easter Island stuff from Chile.

And for help planning a big trip, I can highly recommend our RTW30 series of emails. One email a day for 30 days that offers a step by step guide to planning an RTW trip: http://www.bootsnall.com/rtw/30days


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