England 2015

Gaye Harvey

Brisbane - Manchester

Departure: Jun 26, 2015

Travelers: 1 adults

Gaye Harvey (1236 days ago)

we would like at least one stopover but preferably not in asia because it would be too hot - is it a possibility to fly via Hawaii?

Cristina Puscas (1235 days ago)

G'day Gaye

it's a bit too far in advance to get a price for your trip (you'd be able to get a price in late July 2014) but you can just add Hawaii to the route and run a search.

I changed all dates to 2014 just to get an idea of the price / route: http://indie.bootsnall.com/BNE-HNL-MAN-1402049358

The cheapest option (although it's pretty close to the departure so if booked in advance would probably be cheaper) goes via Nadi and JFK.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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