M n M 2015

Muiris Houston

Shannon - Colombo - Sydney - Auckland - Hong Kong - Shannon

Departure: Mar 11, 2015

Duration: 28 days

Travelers: 2 adults

Muiris Houston (542 days ago)

This is a 30th wedding anniversary / mini gap year trip of 5-6 weeks. The destinations are important but the sequence of each is not. Minimum 2 weeks in NZ, 5 days Syd, 3 days HKG, 5 days in Sri Lanka. If Singapore can be added at minimal flight cost then please include. Open to suggestions! Thanks MH

Cristina S Puscas (540 days ago)

G'day Muiris

congrats on your upcoming anniversary!

a colleague with get back to you with a quote the soonest possible.


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