RTW (finally!)

Carolina Bodin (1220 days ago)

I want to make my long -held dream of round the world travel finally come true, before I forget I wanted to do it in the first place. The idea is to travel for as long as I possibly can, and get some work and life experiences under my belt while doing so. The route I've saved is so far only a very general idea, as I was hoping to travel overland as much as possible, between the various destinations.

Cristina Puscas (1220 days ago)

G'day Carolina

The sounds like a great trip!

Your route doesn't have any dates in it. Please add them to get a price. Meantime, I changed some legs from flight to "by land" (you can get an idea of what could be done overland).


Let me know if you have other questions or need any help planning.


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