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kathleen McNeal (1221 days ago)

Most of our trip will be in the South Pacific and a few stops in Europe before heading back to the US. Here are our questions:

1. Would the flights be less expensive if we started and returned through bigger airports like JFK or LA, and only flew through the larger Asian cities such as Sydney, Tokyo (instead of Kyoto, Alice Springs, etc.?

2. Given our route, what months would you suggest that we travel through the South Pacific to avoid the rainy season or bad weather?

3. Would these types of flights be less expensive to buy as we go?


Chris testie (1217 days ago)

G'day Kathleen,

As a general rule of thumb, bigger airports have more connections and more flights, and therefore more variance in price. If you can work your trip around flying into bigger hubs, this can often work out cheaper. If you do want to go to places like Uluru in Australia, however, flying will be the most efficient so it should probably go on your route.

You can also fly into bigger hubs and use surface transport to travel to other cities and fly out from there. For example, flying into Tokyo will be better from Australia, but you could use the trains to travel to Kyoto or Osaka and fly out from there to Hong Kong as there are decent connections between those two airports.

The 'dry season' in the south Pacific is usually during the winter months (May to October). November to April is the 'wet season' and can be very hot and (worse) humid. But even then, oftentimes heavy downpours may last less than an hour and are followed by sunshine. The chance of tropical cyclones is higher during this period as well.

Airline pricing is a very changeable thing so it is difficult to say which way will end up more expensive. If you are buying tickets as you go along, you get the benefit of being able to change your plans at will, but you may pay more due to not buying tickets in advance when fares are often cheapest.

Due to airlines releasing their availability no more than 11 months in advance, it's a little early for us to be able to give you an accurate quote for your entire trip. You last flight would need to be in May 2015.

However, you can still build a route and put in earlier dates to see how your changes effect the overall cost. For example:

Click on 'search fares' on the link above. Once Indie shows you a price for the above route, click on it to get to the flight selection page. You can then edit each of your flights to smooth out long layovers, change airlines and even search +/- 3 days of your chosen date to see if there are cheaper/better days to fly.

I hope this helps and do let us know if you have more questions.


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